We do a lot
more than just
hand over a check.

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Here at George’s Helping Hand, we’re hands-on with
our charity partners to ensure the money we raise is well-spent. 

Scroll down to read details about the various organizations we’ve partnered with. 


Building a Better Game Room:
St. Peter’s Orphanage

Young boys need a lot of stimulation. Unfortunately, that can be especially challenging to provide in an orphanage with limited funding. That’s why we were so happy to help St. Peter’s Orphanage in Denville, NJ.  

The orphanage—which houses abused, neglected, and abandoned boys—had a game room that was in poor shape. After holding a charity bowling event in 2015 to raise funds, we patched the walls, painted the room, and installed new blinds.  

For that extra-special touch, we also decorated the room with posters, mounted TVs, and donated new PS4s, Xbox consoles and games. The boys were thrilled, and we were happy we could make their residence feel more like a home.   

Feeding the Needy:
Community Soup Kitchen of Morristown

For many people, the feeling of hunger is ever-present, and they don’t know where—or how—they’ll get their next meal. Thankfully, there are amazing nonprofits like the Community Soup Kitchen (CSK) in Morristown, NJ, that can assist.   

In 2014 and 2015, we sponsored a day at the soup kitchen so we could help members of our community enjoy a hot meal. Our team set up for lunch and served food to the hundreds of people who rely on CSK daily for support.

This is just one example of the many events our team of “helping hands” likes to take on to help out local members of our community.

Keeping Disabled Adults Employed:
Foundation for the Handicapped

We love the mission behind The Foundation for the Handicapped in Wayne, NJ, which employs adults with disabilities for mailing and basic assembly projects.  

Unfortunately, in 2015 & 2016, the organization was forced to cut employees’ hours, because it didn’t have enough work. We were concerned, because we know how much pride and self-esteem these hard-working adults derive from steady, ongoing employment.

While we typically don’t just hand over a check, we made an exception here. Because we knew this was a true emergency, we donated money so these employees could stay on their feet until The Foundation for the Handicapped could generate new projects.

Fulfilling Kids’ Wishes:
Children’s Specialized Hospital

Imagine what it would be like to spend your days in and out of hospitals, being poked with needles, dealing with medication side effects, and participating in strenuous physical therapy. 

 Unfortunately, the brave kids at Children’s Specialized Hospital of New Jersey don’t have to imagine that scenario because that’s how they spend most of their childhoods.

 They miss out on typical kid stuff like playing games with friends and running around outside.  Instead, they spend much of their time in hospital rooms, being poked and prodded by doctors, nurses, and technicians.  

 Because we know that even a small gift can brighten the darkest day, in 2016 and 2017, we spent several thousands of dollars purchasing wish list items for the kids at Children’s Specialized Hospital.

Providing School Supplies:
Wayne Food Pantry

For families struggling to make ends meet, the start of a new school year can thrust them into even greater poverty as they try to purchase the clothes and supplies their kids need for school. 

To assist families in this situation, we purchased $3,550 of Kohl’s gift cards along with an additional $1,000 in food supplies in 2018 and donated them to Wayne Food Pantry (also known as the Wayne Interfaith Network) as part of their back-to-school program. In 2019, we purchased $1,000 in food supplies and $1,000 in Kohl’s gift cards and again donated them to this worthy cause.

Wayne Food Pantry offers support to over 120 local families.  With these gift cards, the children in those families were able to start school with basic necessities like clothing and sneakers.


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